Consultation fees

Your Full Skin Check consultation will usually take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Medicare will provide a rebate for part of the Consultation fee to applicable Medicare cardholders.

Our staff can process the rebate claim in our rooms.

Consultation Fee: $135 – $170 on the day (approx. $96 out of pocket after Medicare

(Full Aged Pension Card Holders)
Consultation Fee: $85 – $120 on the day (approx. $46 out of pocket after Medicare rebate).

Procedural fees

Procedure fees will vary, with out-of-pocket costs between $65 – $360, based on the time required and complexity of the skin procedure.

These can be discussed following your Skin Consultation when it has been decided that a procedure is required.

*Aged Pensioner Discount applies to procedures and may be discussed after your Consultation.